12 Days of Christmas

Every year after Christmas once all the gifts have been unwrapped and all the parties are over I find myself saddened a bit that everything has come and gone so quickly. To delay the immediate stop of holiday giving I have decided to indulge in the 12 days of Christmas. Traditionally the 12 days begin December 25th, but ours began on the 26th.

Being frugal, especially post-holiday shopping, I tried to keep most gifts at $1 a piece ($1 x 3 people x 12 days =$36). Some gifts were more than a dollar and a few were less.

12 Days of Christmas gifts

Day 1

Jolly Ranchers $1

“Have a holly JOLLY Christmas!”


Day 2

Nerds $1 for my boys

Nerd is a term of endearment in our home.

“You’re my favorite NERDS!”

Razor $3 for my husband

“Anything to get a little closer to you xoxo.”


Day 3

Reese’s Pieces $1

For the boys: “You two make up the pieces of my heart.”

For my husband: “Without you I would fall to pieces.”

Alternate idea: “You stole a piece of my heart.”

Day 4

KitKat mini bars

“Your favorite treat for my favorite fellas.”


Day 5


For my boys: “I would move mountains for you.”

For my husband: “There is not mountain high enough that could keep me from you.”


Day 6

Tissues (Package of 3 for $1)

“I tissue a Merry Christmas!”


Day 7

Chapstick $1

For my boys: “Cause baby it’s cold outside!”

For my husband: “For when mommy kisses Santa Claus!”

Alternate idea: “Thank you for always sticking by my side.”


Day 8

Hot chocolate for my boys

Small bottle of liquor for my husband

“To keep Jack Frost from nipping at your nose.”


Day 9


“You three are the glue that holds me together.” (sticky caramel)

Alternate ideas: “I like the way you/we roll,” or “I am stuck on you.”


Day 10

Nuts $2

For my boys: “Even when you drive me nuts, I love you more than anything.”

For my husband: “I would go nuts without you.”

Alternate idea: “I am nuts about you.”


Day 11

Cookies $1

For my boys: “You are one smart cookie.”

For my husband: “I was one smart cookie when I married you.”


Day 12

Extra gum $1 for 3 packages

For my boys: “You are extra special!”

For my husband: “Thank you for always making me feel extra special!”

Alternate ideas: You make my life extra special,” or “You are the extra in extraordinary!”


Next year I may rework the 12 days of Christmas for my parents. Any of these ideas would be perfect, simple gifts for a neighbor, friend, or teacher. A fun Valentine’s day countdown could also be created from these ideas.

Other ideas

Flipz chocolate covered pretzels “You make my heart flip with happiness,” or “I would be in knots without you.”

Suckers/Gum/Stickers/Tape/Glue/Tattoos “I’m stuck on you!”

Gobstoppers “I love you gobs and I’m never going to stop!”

Mentos or mints “We were meant (ment/mint) to be together!”

Rock candy/Pop Rocks/Chocolate candies that look like rocks “You rock”, “You are my rock”, “You rock my world”, “You are the rock to my roll.”

Sweetarts or any candy or sweet treat “You are a sweetie”, “You are my sweetie.”

Sweedish fish, goldfish crackers “You are o’FISH’ally awesome/mine/the best”, “You’re the best catch”, “I’m so glad we are in the same school.”

Crayons/colored pencils/markers “You color my world.”

Bubbles/Blow Pop “You blow me away.”

Pretzels sticks “Let’s stick together!”

Mountain Dew “I love everything you dew!”

Starburst “You are a superstar”, “You are the star of my universe!”

Friendship bracelet “My life would knot be the same without you!”

Highlighter “You are the highlight of my day!”

Pen/pencil “You’re just write for me!”

Glow sticks/Lighter “You make my heart glow”, or “You light up my life!”

Koolaid packets/juice pouches “You are the Koolest kid I know!”

Raisins “You are the raisin I smile!”

Cutie orange “You’re a real cutie!”

Lucky Charm cereal “You are my lucky charm!”

Trix cereal “I’m not playing trix, you’re the best kid/husband!”

Coins “You’re perfect, don’t ever change!”

Socks “We’re the perfect pair!”

Band-aids “You always make me feel better.”

Toothbrush “I can’t smile without you!”

Laffy Taffy, Caramel chews, or any chewy candy “I chews you!”

Brownies or brownie mix “A few extra brownie points couldn’t hurt.”

Lifesaver mints “I MINT to tell you sooner, thanks for being my LIFESAVER!”


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