A spoonful of carcinogens helps the medicine go down

As a mother, nothing is more important than caring for my children. Their physical and emotional wellbeing are my top priority. However, I find myself falling prey to convenience, losing the battle of time versus health.

No matter where you stand on the food-supply debate, I think we can all agree that cancer can be caused by and fed with sugar. A cup of soda pop is the equivalent to cancer miracle grow. Armed with that knowledge, I still take my kids for ice cream and the occasional donut.

I score a win with packed, not purchased, lunches. Another win for preparing all three meals for my family most days. Sure, sometimes those lunches contain peanut butter crackers and dinner might infrequently consist of lunch meat sandwiches, but I’ll take my wins where I can get them.

Learning that I cannot and should not win every battle took years of constant frustration. So yes, I’ll let them have a handful of Cheetos® with lunch as a bargain for eating scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning. After all, Mary Poppins taught us long ago to use carcinogens when persuading our youth.