Warning: Passion will never be a passive income stream

If you work hard enough, you can make it. One of the best passive income lies ever told. Says every YouTube side hustle video, MLM social media post, and expert interviewed on podcasts. Of course, if you’re willing to buy their $200-$1500 course, your chances of financial freedom are nearly guaranteed even though their results aren’t typical. Don’t[…]

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How to be authentic in spite of an ego trip

“My continued search for authenticity in a character riddled, crappy van.” Below is a story pulled from an interview with one of the most beautiful human souls I have ever encountered. In the six years after graduating college we have lived in Hawaii, WWOOFed (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) in Portugal, moved to Denver,[…]

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How to walk out of a nightmare of mistakes and build a new dream

David Mike shares his personal journey from innocent childhood dreams to immobilizing drug addiction nightmare. Being a soldier seemed to be David’s destiny with a strong military legacy rooting all the way back to the Civil War. His father had made a career out of the Air Force allowing David to meet many interesting people.[…]

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Wanted: Jubilant Sports Mom to Cheer at All My Kids’ Games

I am not a sports mom. Our spring soccer season was unpleasant this year. Between losing every game and the weather going from frigid Antarctic cold to melting Sahara desert hot, I was miserable. There were games we didn’t even score and the league seemed to be pretty lenient on calling any kind of foul[…]


Lessons in ultimate badassery as taught by my hero

Do you know what separates the weak from the strong? Excuses. For months my husband hobbled around on a leg that didn’t work. Never once did he tell me he couldn’t do something. He was ingenuitive finding ways to help our family in spite of his injury. This is what a true father, husband, man, and[…]

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Warning: Daring courage can compromise a devastating divorce

This here’s a story about Eric Joe and Janie Sue Young and just starting their adult lives, Jane and Eric were setup on a surprise blind date when a mutual friend asked them both to meet for ice cream. Eric was so taken by Jane that he surprised her at work the next day asking[…]

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Infertility From The Perspective Of Surging Hormones

What it’s like to struggle with infertility.   Subscribe! Subscribe to have the newest stories emailed. Support! Thank you Patreon pledgers (Lynelle, Tiffany, Codey, Beckett, Paul, and Bryan) You too can support Surviving Life’s Curveballs for as little as $3. Not looking for a commitment, you can also donate via PayPal. Connect! Connect with me on facebook, Instagram, Youtube,[…]