roller coaster

Infertility: Stop the hope and disappointment roller coaster!

One in eight couples of child bearing age is affected by infertility. One in eight! My husband and I are one of those unlucky couples. You’re overreacting We tried for over a year before I went to the OBGYN asking if there could be a problem. My OB quickly dismissed my worry as I had[…]

red barn

The truth about crying in your friend’s barn

I can count on one hand the times I have said “I need help”, “I am in a dark place”, “Can I come cry on your shoulder?”, but life delivered consecutive crushing blows one week. The hits kept coming until I buckled under the weight of the burden. My husband was seriously injured (health) and[…]

Cleaning a bedroom with ADHD

The secret formula for how to clean with a child who has ADHD

Before, “Bub, please go clean your room,” could end in 2 possible ways. Possibility #1 2 hours later I would find him quietly playing in his room. The room would look exactly the same as it did when I made the request for him to clean it. Possibility #2 Full. On. Meltdown. I’m talking tears,[…]

The War We Wage With Ourselves and How to Squash It In One Blow

This week’s guest post by Rechel Leroz originally appeared on her thought provoking blog, Wilful Woman June 10, 2017. Rechel’s honest and piercing discoveries remind us there is meaning in our everyday routines beyond crossing items off the mile-long to-do list. There is a war raging on inside our heads each second of every day.[…]

Is Changing the World as Simple as Loving Your Family?

Children soldiers, no water, starvation, lack of medical care, sex slavery, the humanitarian needs of the world are many. True to my millennial stereotype I want to leave the world better than I found it. Sure I could (and do) support local business and purchase organics, but what can I do that would really leave[…]


This week’s guest post by Bekki Sayler originally appeared on her helpful blog, A Better Way to Homeschool. Bekki’s heartfelt and natural approach to homeschooling show us a more meaningful way to teach our children. Read more from Bekki at In the old days, children were given a suitcase for their 18th birthday. That’s right.[…]