My Tribe: Beautiful reciprocal souls

Beautiful reciprocal souls

You have a friend in me.

Certain people have always captivated me; those whose eyes shine brightly.  It’s as though the light and depth of their souls cannot be contained by the human body, it must luminously radiate through their eyes. Naturally reassuring with their peaceful presence, gracefully and gently encouraging others along life’s path. Taking time for relationships, valuing life, these are my people.

Respect, kindness, and self-reliance are my guiding principles. I am not sure if that can be attributed to how I was raised (nurture) or if it is the result of random genetics (nature). Whatever the cause, these are the qualities I value most and seek out in others. Like magnets, those who reciprocate these values pull me closer and those who do not, push me away.

Share these values or not, this special tribe is easy to recognize. Look for genuine attentiveness in a conversation, a line of questioning seeking a deeper understanding. Genuinely encouraging, lifting and building up others.  When you walk away from a conversation feeling lighter, better than before it started, that’s when you know you have stumbled upon my people.

Calling them my people is not to say I deserve to be considered part of this collective of incredible humans. Rather they are what I aspire to be. Their encouragement, empathy, listening, and guidance inspires me to work within myself to be better, to be worthy, of such prodigious company.

Embrace these extraordinary creatures, for they are rare. Drink in their unintentional mentorship, delve into deep conversations. Revel in the treasures of my tribe of beautiful reciprocal souls.


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