New year, same me (doing less)

Everywhere I turn I see people analyzing how 2016 has gone. Lists of what people have accomplished and what they hope they will finally be able to achieve in 2017. Along with all these goals are articles upon articles of how to get more done each day, how to prioritize your to-do list, how to persevere and overcome obstacles. My head is spinning. My to-do list is so all encompassing and long that there is no humanly way possible to get it all done anymore. The list just spills over from one day to the next. While I face each day with renewed hope and tenacity the list just never ever stops.

I’m tired.

New year, same me doing less

I mean, REALLY tired. The kind of tired where my body is sore from the stress I’m carrying around in my muscles from having my shoulders pulled up into my neck in nervous anticipation.  My mind is numb from the constant buzzing, configuring how to efficiently complete the most tasks possible. I am one inconvenience away from a complete emotional melt down, just ask my husband. He has been witness to more than one of my unbecoming tirades of emotional outpouring.

For what? To cross the items off my list?

Sure, the causes are noble and I LOVE an organized life. The problem is the to-do list never said “check in with yourself” and my calendar was missing “date night”.

Enough is enough.

I am done.

Efficiency and productivity are out with 2016. Along with them can go my constantly over stressed emotional, physical, and psychological states. I am welcoming genuine connectedness with my family in 2017.

Does that mean I am throwing caution to the wind? Certainly not. I worked hard for all that I have accomplished. But I am making cuts, deep, visceral dissections.

My to-do list is blank. The only things making their way onto that list must add value to my goals. I encourage you to do the same, whatever your goals may be. Before adding one more thing to an already long list, ask yourself, does this add value to x.

This is the year of doing less stuff and enjoying my family more. Goodbye busyness and hello contentedness.

Do you feel genuinely connected to those close to you? How do you keep relationships grounded, centered, and at the forefront while also chasing dreams?

Here’s to a reboot in 2017. May your year be full of all that our heart desires.


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