Beach condo packing list for our family

As our children have grown older, now ten and seven years old, our packing list has changed.  There is no need to remember a pack-n-play or diapers, instead, we are sure to grab flashlights and nets to go crabbin’ at dusk.

We also switched from a beach cottage to a beach condo. When renting a cottage we were responsible for bringing our own sheets or renting some. Also, no household needs such as trash bags and toilet paper were provided. These were minor inconveniences but required forethought and shopping as soon as we arrived from our ten-hour trip.

Renting a condo is similar to staying in a hotel. Sheets are included and a starter package of all toiletry needs welcome you upon arrival.

Clothes Xander Dominic Jen Codey
RR   Car   Misc
Toothbrush Blankets Aloe
Tooth Paste Friend/Floppy After Sun Lotion
Shampoo Portable DVD Player Feminine Hygeine products
Conditioner Movies Nail polish
Lotion Medicines Nail polish remover
Nail Clippers Headphones cotton balls
Body Wash Sunshade Flashlights
Face Wash Toys Nets
Make Up Phones Head lamps
Hair Brushes Phone Charger Yoga Mat
Deoderant ipads Children’s Tylenol
Cologne ipad chargers Neosporin
Blow Dryer Books/ Mags Bandaids
Moisturizer Wipes Seasonings
Razors colored pencils Coffee Maker
Shave cream clipboard coffee filters
paper coffee
neck pillows Paper Towels
Beach Snacks Toilet Paper
Sunblock Drinks (cooler?) Baggies (trash, sandwich, gallon)
Goggle Dishwasher detergent
Skim Board Tea pitcher
Life Jackets Tea bags
Snorkle Sugar
Sand toys Spray oil
Boogie boards Dish Soap
Beach umbrella & base Hand Soap
Beach chairs Laundry detergent
Beach towels
Before leaving home
Water plants
Clean out refrigerator
Take out all trash
Run dishwasher
Cut grass
Secure all windows and doors
Check fluids and tire pressure
Ask someone to pick up mail, newspaper, and feed the fish
Alert the neighbors


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