Black Friday shopping tips

Black Friday Pre-game November 1st

Start thinking about items that could be purchased Black Friday deeply discounted. Browse last year’s Amazon history, look through your order confirmation emails from last November and December for any items that you may want to purchase again this year. Make note of the store and the deal. Unless you are going after one of the year’s hot ticket items, you can likely purchase online for the same price as in store to avoid cold, chaos, and long lines post turkey day feast.

Black Friday Tips

Set an overall budget of what you can comfortably spend.

Make a list of all the people you need gifts for.   Already have a list? Go through and update. Note any gift ideas considering special interests and hobbies.

Don’t forget about yourself on that list. Is there anything you need that you have been eyeing for a while? Housewares (sheets, baking pans, small appliances) and much more will be deeply discounted.

Begin checking for Black Friday ads 2nd week of November

Stores will begin to leak ads. A simple google search for “Black Friday ads 20XX” will find ads if they are available. Compare the ad to your list to see where you can save. The ad will also help generate gift ideas.

Week of Thanksgiving

Many stores celebrate Black Friday all week offering deals beginning Monday. Check websites of stores on your list.

Thanksgiving morning sales allow a little shopping before preparing the annual feast.


The ads are out! If you have the paper delivered they will be at your doorstep bright and early. If not, head to the closest gas station to pick one up.

Look over your list and finalize. Plan which stores you will physically go to and where you can order online.

Black Friday

The deep discounts are now beginning on Thanksgiving.

Stores break down the best deals into different days (Thursday only, Friday only, etc.). Pay close attention to the ad if you are going after a specific item. Most stores also offer a store map to pinpoint exactly where in the store to locate the biggest deals. Print it out and take it with you. Some stores, like Walmart, have an app with the map of each location. These special items will most likely not be in an aisle where they are usually found, but on an end cap, or a pile on the floor. Store websites will have lots of information and helpful tips so gather all the information you can before heading out.

Batteries are usually on sale at an incredible saving. Be sure to pick up plenty.

Come home and wrap. Wrapping the gifts keep them away from prying eyes. Find a hiding place to store those beautifully wrapped gifts.

90% of all my shopping is done online. A word of caution about package delivery: some packages arrive in a box that announces exactly what is inside. This can be very discouraging for parents who have children that may see the box. I suggest having the boxes mailed to your office, or a to family member/friend living nearby. Amazon is great about sending plain brown boxes, but Walmart has sent a few items clearly identifying what is inside. Also, consider the time it will take for your item to ship. Pay close attention to the expected delivery date being sure there will be time to wrap.


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