Warning: Passion will never be a passive income stream

If you work hard enough, you can make it. One of the best passive income lies ever told. Says every YouTube side hustle video, MLM social media post, and expert interviewed on podcasts. Of course, if you’re willing to buy their $200-$1500 course, your chances of financial freedom are nearly guaranteed even though their results aren’t typical. Don’t[…]

Dishonor book cover

How to walk out of a nightmare of mistakes and build a new dream

David Mike shares his personal journey from innocent childhood dreams to immobilizing drug addiction nightmare. Being a soldier seemed to be David’s destiny with a strong military legacy rooting all the way back to the Civil War. His father had made a career out of the Air Force allowing David to meet many interesting people.[…]

child friendly monster

Time and Money: Why more kids don’t get the help they need

“We are going to need to talk about your schedule,” my boss appeared in my office doorway. I knew this conversation was coming, but I had hoped that magically I could escape it somehow. “Do you plan to continue to leave the office every day at 3:30?” Yes, I did plan to because the more[…]

roller coaster

Infertility: Stop the hope and disappointment roller coaster!

One in eight couples of child bearing age is affected by infertility. One in eight! My husband and I are one of those unlucky couples. You’re overreacting We tried for over a year before I went to the OBGYN asking if there could be a problem. My OB quickly dismissed my worry as I had[…]

red barn

The truth about crying in your friend’s barn

I can count on one hand the times I have said “I need help”, “I am in a dark place”, “Can I come cry on your shoulder?”, but life delivered consecutive crushing blows one week. The hits kept coming until I buckled under the weight of the burden. My husband was seriously injured (health) and[…]

Nature’s healing magic

Earth, the only planet that we have found to support life, the source of our very existence. Today we celebrate the beautiful blue and green marble we call home. Nature seems to hold some sort of mystical healing magic. Being outside has always brought me a sense of peace. Repeating patterns, cause and effect, weather,[…]

Best resources for parents of children with ADHD

Counseling The best place to start is with a counselor. Find a counselor who specializes in children and uses play therapy.   Knowledge Consume information to better understand ADHD.   30 Essential Ideas Every Parent Needs to Know by Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D. is a wealth of information. Dr. Barkley shares what he has learned[…]

Spring forward: Getting it all done in one less hour

Today we lose an hour, we will need to accomplish everything in less time today. How is it possible? Look at your list of to-dos and decide what is really necessary. Ask yourself the following questions and answer honestly. What will happen if I do not do this? Does this add value to my life?[…]

Who is to blame for pill-popping America

Often people complain of doctors pushing pills on patients, accusing the doctors of taking kickbacks from the drug companies. When in reality it’s the doctors that have tailored their treatments to what the majority of patients are willing to do. A doctor could refer a patient to a nutritionist, therapist, pain clinic, and also write[…]

Open if I die: A letter for my young children

A dark brewing storm has been threatening my mind the last several days. Images of an unrecognizable Shannon Dougherty laying on a hospital bed receiving chemo and poignant words from an LA Times writer as she lay dying bring me back to some of my darkest memories. My own battle with breast cancer was fought[…]

Finding quality professionals amid the HealthCARE Crisis

There is a healthcare crisis in America. No, I am not referencing Obamacare or associated costs. I am troubled by the lack of genuine care and concern for the wellbeing of other humans. HealthCARE in the title itself insinuates the field cares about health. Whose health? The health of the patient, right? I have had[…]

A spoonful of carcinogens helps the medicine go down

As a mother, nothing is more important than caring for my children. Their physical and emotional wellbeing are my top priority. However, I find myself falling prey to convenience, losing the battle of time versus health. No matter where you stand on the food-supply debate, I think we can all agree that cancer can be caused[…]