Cleaning a bedroom with ADHD

The secret formula for how to clean with a child who has ADHD

Before, “Bub, please go clean your room,” could end in 2 possible ways. Possibility #1 2 hours later I would find him quietly playing in his room. The room would look exactly the same as it did when I made the request for him to clean it. Possibility #2 Full. On. Meltdown. I’m talking tears,[…]

No more fines! (The secrets of borrowing from the library)

Love borrowing from the library for free, but hate the late fees when you forget to return movies and books on time? Me too!   Here are 3 easy breezy steps to making sure you don’t misplace your library items ever again.   Keep all borrowed items in one central place. We keep ours on[…]

How To Keep Your Counter Clear (Even When You Have No Time To Clean)

3 Simple steps for sorting mail so you’ll never need to dig through piles on your counter again. We all have a dumping spot in our house, the place where you walk in the door and stop everything in your hands. For our family that spot is the kitchen counter. Mail, wallet, appointment reminders, coupons,[…]