Define a father

Adoption is a part of our family story. We have always defined a father, dad, poppa as a verb based on actions.

A father is the man who tucks you in each night, works hard to provide you with everything you need and maybe even a little of what you want. He offers words of encouragement when you are down, makes time to listen to your concerns, and jokes with you about the silliest of subjects.

A father disciplines as needed and teaches restraint. He shows how to engage in healthy relationships through his actions. He loves his wife, is gentle with her, and will not tolerate any disrespect towards her.

He goes to battle for his children in whatever troubles they may face. He never wavers, always on their side.

As the leader of the family he sets the example he wishes his children to follow in all areas of his life: work, family, relationships.

He teaches basic handyman skills, encourages trying new things, nurtures curiosity, and explains that failures are only a by-product of learning.

He helps with domestic chores from meal preparation to laundry.

He believes in your dreams and stops at nothing to help you achieve them.

A father rearranges his life to make sure the children are cared for and are able to get to any appointments or activities that have been scheduled. A father sacrifices sleep, comfort, time, energy, and whatever else may be required.

He is tender and he is strong. He is loving and he stern. He is generous and he is demanding.

He is the adventurer, risk taker, bring the kids home muddy and worn out parent.

A father leaves no stone unturned when it comes to his family. He loves without limit.

I know all of this because my husband has shown me what a father is. To him I will be eternally grateful for impact he has had on my life as well as our children’s lives.

Happy father’s day to all the dads who define the essence of fatherhood. May we know you, may we be you, may we raise you.


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