Going naked

No makeup. Not anymore.

Not for any moral or cultural belief, but rather just because I don’t want to spend time on it. Ten minutes every morning is dedicated to makeup, or it was once upon a time. Foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and when I was feeling special maybe some eyeshadow.

“Putting my face on” has never been a real big priority for me. Even in high school I typically rolled out bed ten minutes before the bus came. That was just enough time to brush my teeth. Brush my hair, and get dressed.

Most weekends I am sans makeup. Every vacation I pack my little makeup bag, but never seem to find the time or a good enough reason to put it on. It would seem I was headed in this direction for a while. “Face paint”, as my dad always called it, was reserved for work days only.

That was until this last vacation.

One of my favorite parts of vacation is the ease at which everything moves. Shower, moisturize, brush my teeth, get dressed, leave. No curling my eye lashes or applying multiple layers of mascara, just walk out the door.

You know what I discovered, no one cared. I’m not even sure if anyone noticed. If they did they were nice enough to refrain from asking me “do you feel okay”, or “are you tired”, like my grandma always does. In case anyone is wondering, I feel great and I’m not tired, this is just what I look like without the little bit of makeup that I once wore.

Gina Rodriguez makeup free and opening up about anxiety.

This is not a platform piece and I am not encouraging anyone else that makeup free is the way to be, it just happens to be the season of life I currently find myself in. I will still don some makeup if going to a wedding, out on a special date with my incredible husband, or if I will be on television. It will be because I want to, no other reason.

Maybe you want to give it a go and maybe you think I look better with a little bit of makeup. Either way, I am okay with that because ultimately it’s about how I feel about myself that matters and makeup just doesn’t wield that much power in moving that meter. So here’s to doing what makes you feel good about yourself!


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