How To Keep Your Counter Clear (Even When You Have No Time To Clean)

3 Simple steps for sorting mail so you’ll never need to dig through piles on your counter again.

We all have a dumping spot in our house, the place where you walk in the door and stop everything in your hands. For our family that spot is the kitchen counter. Mail, wallet, appointment reminders, coupons, informative papers, recipes all in one big, messy pile. After looking through this pile for several minutes in a hurry, unable to find what I was searching for I decided we needed a different solution.

Here’s how we eliminated piles on our counter.

    1. After checking the mail, all garbage or items that can be recycled are disposed of immediately. It does not even come into the house.
    2. Bills are taken to the office and put into a cubby reserved for only bills. This also makes it incredibly easy to pay the bills when it’s time.
    3. Invitations have a few additional steps.
      • First, I check our family google calendar to see if we have the day and time available. Our shared google calendar is where we keep all of our appointments, school events, practices, etc.
      • Once I know if we are available I will RSVP if requested.
      • If we are able to go the invitation is put onto a magnetic clip on the refrigerator. This clip is where we keep all the flyers, appointment reminders, and anything with information about an event we will be attending. We keep these in chronological order of what is coming up next. This system allows us to easily grab the information (address, confirm date/time) as we head out the door.
      • If we are unable to go, the invitation is discarded.

This simple 3 step process has helped our family keep the counter clear without spending time going through the papers every week. Having a centralized place for all of our family’s schedule also eliminates missed appointments and allows us all to help each other remember upcoming events.


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