It’s the final countdown

I can’t be the only mom who is counting down the days of school, excited that homework will disappear and there will be no more spelling words to study every single night.

Bring on the slow easy evenings filled with outside giggles and the warmth of the sinking sun.

I hate the school year.

Like, really hate.

School is a struggle.

The getting up and getting ready, packing lunches, homework, clothes, don’t do this or say that, meetings with teachers, behavior charts, blah, blah, blah.

Before you start in with education is important and support our teachers, DON’T. I already know and do. This is not an about that.

This is about a mother who is tired of playing tutor, who just wants to have a little fun, to move at a slower pace and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

My kids are wound tight. They worry about all kinds of crap they have no business worrying about. My first grader is worried about his grades, WHY? My fourth grader is worried about state testing. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

The amount of effort that we all put into school is far too all-encompassing, overreaching into my quality family time. Pickpocketing the simple joys of being a child from my children, robbing me of precious memories and replacing them with daily struggles over homework.

It’s the same routine day in and day out. Get up, get ready, go to school, come home, homework, study spelling words, read, Tae Kwon Do, dinner, shower, bed. My boys maybe have an hour to play in the evenings while I prepare dinner. One hour!

That’s it! I have had it!!

Yeah, I know it’s just as much my responsibility to teach my children as the teachers, but our lesson plans are not the same. While I wholeheartedly support reading and math, I don’t give a crap about state testing.

Morals, manners, what to do in an emergency situation, how to express your feelings, healthy relationships, these are a few things on my lesson plan.

Boredom, bring on the boredom! Some of the sweetest words my children have ever uttered are, “I’m bored”. That means their little brains have to come up with solutions to their entertainment problem. It means that they are tired of the same old repertoire; they will think outside the box and find a creative solution.


I can breathe.

When I get home we can escape into the backyard for a few games of badminton, ride our bikes for ice cream, or kick the soccer ball around without worrying about what time it is. Bedtime gets pushed back from 8 pm, the kids get to sleep in most mornings, and the days are long.

We are counting down the days until summer break. I can hardly wait. Now that I am an adult I think I am more excited than I was when I was in school. Bring on long, slow, warm days full of playing outside.


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