No more fines! (The secrets of borrowing from the library)

Love borrowing from the library for free, but hate the late fees when you forget to return movies and books on time? Me too!


Here are 3 easy breezy steps to making sure you don’t misplace your library items ever again.


  1. Keep all borrowed items in one central place.

We keep ours on a table in our living room. We always know where to find the books when we are ready to read and where to put them when we are finished.


  1. Create a cue/trigger when it is time to return

When we finish books they are put on the kitchen counter by the key hooks so they can be easily grabbed on the way out the door.


  1. Return straight to the library, no other stops first

Once the borrowed items are in the car I drive straight to the library to return them. This prevents them from being forgotten about and “lost” somewhere under the seats.


Using these 3 steps we keep our late fees and frustrations to a minimum.


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