Spring cleaning for the mind

Open up the windows, let the fresh air in, bathe in the warmth of the sunshine and enjoy this moment.

This time of year I typically have a long list of things that I would like to get done including wiping down all the walls in my house, laundering drapery, cleaning the dryer vent, washing windows, on and on and on. My weekends consist mostly of checking things off this list until none remain.

Not this year.

All this doing has kept my mind and body busy. The constant busyness has created a barrier to my heart numbing my emotions, keeping people at a distance.

Instead of the house, I am spring cleaning my mind, clearing out the clutter in my heart. It’s time to throw out that old, dusty, guilt and the tattered shame. I’ve held onto it long past its usefulness.

Was it ever useful?

Regardless, it’s time for it to go. That space can be better served with a few new things I’ve picked up as of late. Quiet compassion, peace found in stillness, and self-love beautifully compliment the humility and kindness I have dusted off.

Where did I find them?

Within, they were here all along waiting for me to come back around.

How did I find them?

Quietly being in the moment, meditating, simply sitting alone without distraction. A few minutes each morning I sit in silence, close my eyes and let my mind wander wherever it goes. Slowly I am learning to be present without judgment, objection or control.

Initially, this quiet time was uncomfortable, my mind was noisy and I had trouble relinquishing control. The Buddhists call this monkey mind. The few seconds of blissful peace I experienced during these first few attempts encouraged me to keep trying.

Just like our houses, our mind and heart collect more than we realize as we go about our lives. An unkind comment from long ago can remain stored, stuck, unreleased. Let’s open the windows to our souls and let fresh air in, wipe down the walls of hearts, clear the clutter from our minds. Start small and build. Just as it takes time to accumulate all that clutter, it will take time to unpack it.

That is the most useful spring cleaning I can think of.


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