hand holding a wedding ring

Warning: Daring courage can compromise a devastating divorce

This here’s a story about Eric Joe and Janie Sue Young and just starting their adult lives, Jane and Eric were setup on a surprise blind date when a mutual friend asked them both to meet for ice cream. Eric was so taken by Jane that he surprised her at work the next day asking[…]

roller coaster

Infertility: Stop the hope and disappointment roller coaster!

One in eight couples of child bearing age is affected by infertility. One in eight! My husband and I are one of those unlucky couples. You’re overreacting We tried for over a year before I went to the OBGYN asking if there could be a problem. My OB quickly dismissed my worry as I had[…]

red barn

The truth about crying in your friend’s barn

I can count on one hand the times I have said “I need help”, “I am in a dark place”, “Can I come cry on your shoulder?”, but life delivered consecutive crushing blows one week. The hits kept coming until I buckled under the weight of the burden. My husband was seriously injured (health) and[…]

Is Changing the World as Simple as Loving Your Family?

Children soldiers, no water, starvation, lack of medical care, sex slavery, the humanitarian needs of the world are many. True to my millennial stereotype I want to leave the world better than I found it. Sure I could (and do) support local business and purchase organics, but what can I do that would really leave[…]

Dear teacher: This is what I want you to know

Dear Teacher, Each fresh start to the school year is filled with paperwork to complete. Inside each packet of papers is always a sheet asking if there is anything that you should know about the student. Yes, there are some things you should know as we all head back to school. He has ADHD Meaning[…]


This week’s guest post by Bekki Sayler originally appeared on her helpful blog, A Better Way to Homeschool. Bekki’s heartfelt and natural approach to homeschooling show us a more meaningful way to teach our children. Read more from Bekki at http://abetterwaytohomeschool.com. In the old days, children were given a suitcase for their 18th birthday. That’s right.[…]

On the drug of efficiency, I forgot to be joyful

Efficiency and productivity keep emerging in my mind, flashing red as if to warn me.  Efficiency is how I have setup every aspect of my life. I have tried to get more done in less time and with fewer resources. What has that given me? A reputation for organization, a tidy home, schedule, routine. These[…]

Shame and boundaries

Last evening on our way home, Dominic asked me if ten-years-old is too young to like someone. “Define like,” I said. “Not like boyfriend and girlfriend, but different. I don’t know I can’t explain it.” “Because you are embarrassed or because you cannot find the right words?” “I can’t find the words.” “Is it like[…]

Real Life Lessons of Motherhood

I say things I never thought I would “Take the plastic bag off of your head,” I said to my seven-year-old son. “Why?” “Because you can suffocate and die. How many times have I told you not to put plastic bags over your head?” “A lot.” Are my kids the reason for these ridiculous warning[…]

Nature’s healing magic

Earth, the only planet that we have found to support life, the source of our very existence. Today we celebrate the beautiful blue and green marble we call home. Nature seems to hold some sort of mystical healing magic. Being outside has always brought me a sense of peace. Repeating patterns, cause and effect, weather,[…]

What I have learned from my siblings

I grew up the oldest and only girl of three children. My younger brothers are twins, four and a half years younger than me. We were typical siblings who squabbled in an attempt to assert dominance over each other, but who also fiercely protected one another from anyone outside our family. First or last, we[…]

Why is it that punishing the kids ends up punishing me too?

Our boys are currently on punishment. William Gilbert said, “Let the punishment fit the crime.” My husband and I agree. The crime This particular offense amounted to a four hundred dollar loss (actual, not estimated) and was also the third time they had been caught breaking this same rule. The punishment All privileges have been[…]

Best resources for parents of children with ADHD

Counseling The best place to start is with a counselor. Find a counselor who specializes in children and uses play therapy.   Knowledge Consume information to better understand ADHD.   30 Essential Ideas Every Parent Needs to Know by Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D. is a wealth of information. Dr. Barkley shares what he has learned[…]

My cart is too full to enjoy the moment

I have stopped enjoying moments. When my boys were little life seemed so much slower. There were so many moments throughout the day when I would just sit and look at them. My heart would be overcome with love sending warmth throughout my body. I would giggle with them, play with them, just completely immerse[…]

Merry [imperfect] Christmas

Ah, Christmas, the most wonderful time of year. Well, sometimes when we are not incredibly busy, stressed, or countering the most recent curveball to our best-laid plans. Many Christmas movies would have us believe the holidays are picturesque. Full of miracles, beautiful decorations, mountains of gifts, and families that never argue, these movies portray the[…]

Open if I die: A letter for my young children

A dark brewing storm has been threatening my mind the last several days. Images of an unrecognizable Shannon Dougherty laying on a hospital bed receiving chemo and poignant words from an LA Times writer as she lay dying bring me back to some of my darkest memories. My own battle with breast cancer was fought[…]

Ordinary is extraordinary

Often I find myself busy in everyday life, rushing through the simple pleasures. Instead of enjoying my favorite parts of each day, I begin looking forward to a long awaited vacation, three-day weekends, holidays, or any special events thinking they will be amazing, making up for the moments lost to the hustle. The truth is,[…]

A spoonful of carcinogens helps the medicine go down

As a mother, nothing is more important than caring for my children. Their physical and emotional wellbeing are my top priority. However, I find myself falling prey to convenience, losing the battle of time versus health. No matter where you stand on the food-supply debate, I think we can all agree that cancer can be caused[…]