Video: September Nuggets of Inspiration & Wisdom

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September Nuggets of Inspiration & Wisdom

Hello Good Vibe Tribe <3 We have lots of new and exciting things going on here at Surviving Life’s Curveballs! Beta Readers First things first, I’ll be ready for beta readers in October. If you’re interested in getting a peek at the book before everyone else, please let me know soon 😊 Now, to find[…]

Am I a Failure? Author Reading

  Join! Join the #GoodVibeTribe @ Surviving Life’s Curveballs for more truth, compassion, and encouragement. Feed an Artist! Thank you Patreon pledgers (Lynelle, Beckett, and Paul).You too can support Surviving Life’s Curveballs for as little as $3. Connect! Connect with me on facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Patreon, medium

Am I failure? video

Join! Join the #GoodVibeTribe @ Surviving Life’s Curveballs for more truth, compassion, and encouragement. Feed an Artist! Thank you Patreon pledgers (Lynelle, Beckett, and Paul).You too can support Surviving Life’s Curveballs for as little as $3. Connect! Connect with me on facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Patreon, medium

Am I a Failure?

Everywhere I look I see people who are reaching for extraordinary heights, writing best-selling novels, building multi-million-dollar brands, inventing tech, and exploding start-ups. There is a blogger selling tips and tricks for every niche, a life coach around every bend who can help me get my life in tip-top shape, and endless self-help books all[…]

August Nuggets of Inspiration & Wisdom

Hello survivors <3 Whoa nelly it’s been a nerve wracking month and my anxiety won many more times than it lost. But I made it and somehow managed to get a few things done along the way. What’s new at Surviving Life’s Curveballs The book is now in the proofing phase. We’re almost done! Reading[…]


Danger: Empty Death Caused By Lack Of Depth And Meaning Skimming. This word lingered on my mind as I lie in bed enjoying the early morning sun piercing the horizontal spaces between each blind slat. Sun stripes splashing light upon my beige bedroom walls. Like a flat stone, skipping across still waters. Touch, jump, touch, jump. Shallow, skipping, scanning. Finally, a breakthrough to this[…]

Warning: Passion will never be a passive income stream

If you work hard enough, you can make it. One of the best passive income lies ever told. Says every YouTube side hustle video, MLM social media post, and expert interviewed on podcasts. Of course, if you’re willing to buy their $200-$1500 course, your chances of financial freedom are nearly guaranteed even though their results aren’t typical. Don’t[…]

Woman in field looking at mountains

How to be authentic in spite of an ego trip

“My continued search for authenticity in a character riddled, crappy van.” Below is a story pulled from an interview with one of the most beautiful human souls I have ever encountered. In the six years after graduating college we have lived in Hawaii, WWOOFed (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) in Portugal, moved to Denver,[…]

Dishonor book cover

How to walk out of a nightmare of mistakes and build a new dream

David Mike shares his personal journey from innocent childhood dreams to immobilizing drug addiction nightmare. Being a soldier seemed to be David’s destiny with a strong military legacy rooting all the way back to the Civil War. His father had made a career out of the Air Force allowing David to meet many interesting people.[…]

hand holding a wedding ring

Warning: Daring courage can compromise a devastating divorce

This here’s a story about Eric Joe and Janie Sue Young and just starting their adult lives, Jane and Eric were setup on a surprise blind date when a mutual friend asked them both to meet for ice cream. Eric was so taken by Jane that he surprised her at work the next day asking[…]

red barn

The truth about crying in your friend’s barn

I can count on one hand the times I have said “I need help”, “I am in a dark place”, “Can I come cry on your shoulder?”, but life delivered consecutive crushing blows one week. The hits kept coming until I buckled under the weight of the burden. My husband was seriously injured (health) and[…]

Cleaning a bedroom with ADHD

The secret formula for how to clean with a child who has ADHD

Before, “Bub, please go clean your room,” could end in 2 possible ways. Possibility #1 2 hours later I would find him quietly playing in his room. The room would look exactly the same as it did when I made the request for him to clean it. Possibility #2 Full. On. Meltdown. I’m talking tears,[…]

The War We Wage With Ourselves and How to Squash It In One Blow

This week’s guest post by Rechel Leroz originally appeared on her thought provoking blog, Wilful Woman June 10, 2017. Rechel’s honest and piercing discoveries remind us there is meaning in our everyday routines beyond crossing items off the mile-long to-do list. There is a war raging on inside our heads each second of every day.[…]

Is Changing the World as Simple as Loving Your Family?

Children soldiers, no water, starvation, lack of medical care, sex slavery, the humanitarian needs of the world are many. True to my millennial stereotype I want to leave the world better than I found it. Sure I could (and do) support local business and purchase organics, but what can I do that would really leave[…]

No more fines! (The secrets of borrowing from the library)

Love borrowing from the library for free, but hate the late fees when you forget to return movies and books on time? Me too!   Here are 3 easy breezy steps to making sure you don’t misplace your library items ever again.   Keep all borrowed items in one central place. We keep ours on[…]

On the drug of efficiency, I forgot to be joyful

Efficiency and productivity keep emerging in my mind, flashing red as if to warn me.  Efficiency is how I have setup every aspect of my life. I have tried to get more done in less time and with fewer resources. What has that given me? A reputation for organization, a tidy home, schedule, routine. These[…]

Real Life Lessons of Motherhood

I say things I never thought I would “Take the plastic bag off of your head,” I said to my seven-year-old son. “Why?” “Because you can suffocate and die. How many times have I told you not to put plastic bags over your head?” “A lot.” Are my kids the reason for these ridiculous warning[…]

Celebrating office ninjas!

Office Ninja Day AKA Administrative Assistant’s Day Being an Administrative Assistant is similar to being a parent, with the exception of taking care of a company instead of a family. Instead of dental appointments, I schedule marketing meetings. There are coffee deliveries in place of soccer practice and instead of “mom, mom, mom”, it’s “Jennifer,[…]

Nature’s healing magic

Earth, the only planet that we have found to support life, the source of our very existence. Today we celebrate the beautiful blue and green marble we call home. Nature seems to hold some sort of mystical healing magic. Being outside has always brought me a sense of peace. Repeating patterns, cause and effect, weather,[…]

What I have learned from my siblings

I grew up the oldest and only girl of three children. My younger brothers are twins, four and a half years younger than me. We were typical siblings who squabbled in an attempt to assert dominance over each other, but who also fiercely protected one another from anyone outside our family. First or last, we[…]

Best resources for parents of children with ADHD

Counseling The best place to start is with a counselor. Find a counselor who specializes in children and uses play therapy.   Knowledge Consume information to better understand ADHD.   30 Essential Ideas Every Parent Needs to Know by Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D. is a wealth of information. Dr. Barkley shares what he has learned[…]

Spring forward: Getting it all done in one less hour

Today we lose an hour, we will need to accomplish everything in less time today. How is it possible? Look at your list of to-dos and decide what is really necessary. Ask yourself the following questions and answer honestly. What will happen if I do not do this? Does this add value to my life?[…]

My cart is too full to enjoy the moment

I have stopped enjoying moments. When my boys were little life seemed so much slower. There were so many moments throughout the day when I would just sit and look at them. My heart would be overcome with love sending warmth throughout my body. I would giggle with them, play with them, just completely immerse[…]

How self-preservation nearly destroyed my life

A divorced mother of two, I was just another statistic. A foolish girl who had hoped her youthful romance would last, that two people could grow up together, embracing lineal change simultaneously. How did I get things so wrong? When it all started, I was a hopeless romantic and full of grand gestures as well[…]

Merry [imperfect] Christmas

Ah, Christmas, the most wonderful time of year. Well, sometimes when we are not incredibly busy, stressed, or countering the most recent curveball to our best-laid plans. Many Christmas movies would have us believe the holidays are picturesque. Full of miracles, beautiful decorations, mountains of gifts, and families that never argue, these movies portray the[…]

Ordinary is extraordinary

Often I find myself busy in everyday life, rushing through the simple pleasures. Instead of enjoying my favorite parts of each day, I begin looking forward to a long awaited vacation, three-day weekends, holidays, or any special events thinking they will be amazing, making up for the moments lost to the hustle. The truth is,[…]

My Tribe: Beautiful reciprocal souls

You have a friend in me. Certain people have always captivated me; those whose eyes shine brightly.  It’s as though the light and depth of their souls cannot be contained by the human body, it must luminously radiate through their eyes. Naturally reassuring with their peaceful presence, gracefully and gently encouraging others along life’s path.[…]