Timeline of the Lion’s Martial Arts Scam


So many of you have asked how this all happened, so here is the timeline of discovery with many of the photos and links I have uncovered. If you have any additional information I would be happy to include it here or turn it over to the detectives working this case.

What to do if you were scammed:

  1. Report the theft to Fairfield County Sheriff’s office 614-322-5250 option 2. Add to my report #2189 filed 6/15/17 with Deputy Bennington.
  2. Email Liz Lane from 6 On Your Side lclane@sbgtv.com
  3. File a complaint with the Attorney General
  4. Report Lion’s Martial Arts to BBB
  5. Share this information with everyone

Please note: Not all taekwondo schools are frauds. In fact, I have received help and support by many in the taekwondo community.

March 13, 2017

Check into Lion’s Martial Arts

7861 Refugee Rd, Pickerington, OH 43147

480 822 0568



Sword Demo of the Grand Opening event posted on their website


Gran Master Choon Sup Chong Kukkiwon certificate # 10112817









Enroll into Lion’s Martial Arts $400 Price includes 3 months of classes, registration, and uniforms for 2 children.

April 20, 2017

Grand Master Chong announces summer camp. 7am-5pm, includes a formal class each day at 4pm. He will provide drinks and snacks, children to bring their own packed lunch. $400/child/month. Our boys excitedly ask if they can come to the camp.


Perform a background check. Neither Laurin nor Master Chong have any criminal backgrounds, however I did find civil actions filed against Master Chong.

Civil cases in CA


Civil Cases in AZ http://www.superiorcourt.maricopa.gov/docket/CivilCourtCases/caseSearchResults.asp?lastName=chong&FirstName=choon&bName=

The docket information reveals that LC’s World taekwondo is named in the suit. Through previous conversation with Master Chong I know that he had schools in Arizona. LC’s World Taekwondo has a mix of reviews on Yelp, some not very flattering.



Cassandra B. 1 star April, 2017

Master Chong took money for me and promised me Kukkiwon certification. Over a year later, nothing was delivered and he kept telling me it was coming. After several months, he stopped answering my calls. We went to talk to him in person and found out his school had moved. I went to a different location and his wife said he no longer represents the business and has nothing to do with it even though she was present when we gave him the money. To this day, 1.5 years later, he still has my money, Dan card and essay and I have nothing to show for it. He refuses to refund the money or provide certification.

Ted H. 1 star April, 2017

My son started going to LCs when he was 5 years old, he loved it. Master Ly and Chong were good instructors. After 3 years of attending, things started to change. Chong became elusive when you asked him questions and then the instruction started going down. He was at the school less and less and when he was there he was belittling to the students. At that point my son was close to a black belt test so we stayed so he could test, at a cost of over $500…which he passed. It took us almost 3 years after that to finally get his certificate. Chong told me over and over again that he was waiting for Kukkiwon to send it…then he disappeared. The school closed down and he was gone.

I tracked down his partner, Ly, and bugged her for months until she finally sent in the certification and got my son his certificate. All in all a sad experience.

Now I understand Chong has opened a new studio in Pickerington, Ohio called Lion’s Martial Arts…I hope he doesn’t screw these people as well, but I know I don’t trust him.


I decide that he must have run into financial straits, shutting down the school and these people lost their money as a result. Basically, I gave Master Chong the benefit of the doubt because he has been such a wonderful teacher with the boys.

April 21, 2017

Paid $1600 for summer camp with a credit card.

Realize the Lion’s Martial Arts facebook page is gone.

May 1, 2017

Notice all mention of Master Chong on the Lion’s Martial Arts website is gone.

June 5, 2017

Summer camp day 1

Laruin and Master Chong gave the kids a fun day of games. Sebastian and Clayton, black belts students assisting with summer camp, are also present.

June 6, 2017

Summer camp day 2

Laurin and Master Chong are not present.

June 7, 2017

Summer camp day 3

Laurin and Master Chong are not present. We are told they will be out all week for doctor appointments.

June 8, 2017

Summer camp day 4

Laurin and Master Chong are not present. I begin to get an uneasy feeling and remember the yelp reviews. “In the beginning, he was great with the kids, but then he became more elusive before running off with our money.” I decide to do more research on LC’s world Taekwondo and find a very damning youtube video created by his former students.


In addition to the accusations of the video is the lie Laurin tells below. Master Chong was still instructing at Lion’s Martial Arts. In fact, he was the only instructor at Lion’s Martial Arts the entire time it was open.

 Laurin Carmichael1 month ago


It is my suspicion that Laurin took down the Lion’s Martial Arts facebook page and removed all mention of Master Chong when she found the youtube video. The timelines match up (about a month ago).


June 9, 2017

Summer camp day 4

Laurin and Master Chong are not present.

Master Chong’s certificate is missing from the wall and so is the exterior sign. I share my research findings with the two black belt students, one of which is training for the Olympics. They tell me that the computer and printer are also missing.

Later that night Clayton speaks to Master Chong. Master Chong and Laurin claim the school will need to close due to Master Chong’s health issues, but they will send an email out to all the students and “make things right.”

June 10, 2017

I drive by the school and notice the floors have been rolled up so I send a message to Laurin.

Me to Laurin: The sign is gone and the floors are rolled up at the school. Are you guys closing?

Laurin’s response: Master Chong had to fly to Korea for emergency heart surgery. That is all I know for now but after speaking with the other instructors, it is likely that the school will have to close.

Laurin mentions other instructors, but there were no other instructors. I believe she is pointing toward Clayton and Sebastian who were PAYING students.

I begin investigating the other Masters that came to our belt testing, Chuck Chirdon and Craig Clinton.

Grand Master Chuck Chirdon

Newark, Ohio

Master Chong claimed that Master Chirdon was the reason he gave taekwondo another try. Master Chong had returned home to Korea after Arizona and decided that he was ready to retire. While in the US visiting friends, Master Chirdon helped Master Chong find a place to rent and remodel the interior for the school.

Inducted into USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame April 2, 2016

Owner of Koroshi School of Defense in Newark, Ohio




Grand Master Craig Clinton

Painesville, Ohio

Inducted into USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame April 2, 2016


June 11, 2017

Again, I stop by the school and this is posted. Sadly I know many students arrived with no advanced notice.

To all Lion’s Martial Arts students and parents:

Recently Grand Master Chong was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Additional testing this week has revealed that this condition is even more critical than was thought at the time of diagnosis.

Grand Master Chong’s health and wellbeing is now in grave danger and he must now take immediate action to prevent greater damage to his heart and the possibility of premature death.

This immediate action and the subsequent therapy requires that he remain in professional care for an extended period of time.

Due to the nature of the treatment and recuperation, it is regretful that the Lion’s Martial Arts studio must immediately terminate all classes and activity. We are sad that we must take this action at this time when many of the students were progressing so well under the teaching of Master Chong. We are hopeful that all involved with the studio will understand this action and the need to act immediately in order to prevent the worst possible outcome.

Master Chong wishes the very best to all of his students and expresses his gratitude to the parents for allowing him to influence their children in a positive manner to help them grow. Hopefully their Taekwondo training will help them in all that they do.


Grand Master Chong and Laurin

June 12, 2017

I post the school closing notice to facebook. A facebook friend suggests that I contact the Arizona Taekwondo Association as Master Chong was dismissed from Arizona Taekwondo Association for accusations of theft.

Arizona taekwondo Association’s response

Wow I am so disappointed to hear your situation. Wanted to reach back out to you to let you know that this message has been received and I will be sure to relay this back to the other state association members.

Master Chong was for a brief time President of AZTA but we voted him out when there were accusations of him receiving black belt testing fees without issuing kukkiwon certificates. Last thing I heard was that he went back to Korea. This is the first time hearing he opened a studio let alone in Ohio. I can refer you to one of his assistant instructors who pursued legal action against him here in AZ.

Once again this is a terrible experience no family should experience with a martial arts school. I will speak with the other state association member and help get to the bottom of this.

Sincere regards,

Anthony Nguyen

AZTA Treasurer

I contact 6 On Your Side

June 13, 2017

Liz Lane from 6 On Your Side interviews me. She planned on doing some additional research and asking channel 6 how far they wanted to go with this story.

I contact the Ohio Attorney, BBB, and the Ohio Taekwondo Association.

Additionally, I contact Grand Master Chirdon to ask if he is aware of what is going on.


I wondered if you knew that Master Chong shutdown Lion’s Martial Arts with no notice to his students after collecting thousands of dollars for summer camp?

Are you further aware that Master Chong was dismissed from the Arizona Taekwondo Association for taking black belt testing money from his students, but never producing the kukiwon certificate?

Master Chong spoke of your help getting him into the Pickerington studio regularly. After much investigation, I do believe you too were swindled by him. Do you know if he is still living in Ohio?

Is there any information you could provide that might help in getting the money back to the families who paid Master Chong?

June 15, 2017

Police report # 2189 filed with Fairfield County Sheriff’s office.

Posted scam artist alert to facebook to look for other families.

Chong and Laurin received $6,400 for summer camp. They were also recently paid by several students for a year of instruction in advance.

June 16, 2017

Ly Ngo messages me at the request of AZTA requesting I write a letter to send to Kukkiwon outlining what happened. I happily agree.

Discover Laurin and Master Chong may be living at 4195 North Bank Road NE, Millersport, Ohio 43046.

Suspect Laurin and Master Chong may move to Hawaii or Puerto Rico, specifically Manati, Puerto Rico. Laurin’s father lives in Puerto Rico.

Two families reach out to me about also being ripped off.

Laurin posts to the youtube thread. The business phone has been disconnected and the LMA website deleted.

Jennifer Piper 6/15/17

Hi Jay, Thank you for putting this together and sharing this video. I fear this is happening in Ohio all over again with his students at Lion’s Martial Arts with a different woman, Laurin Carmichael. What was the final verdict in court in AZ? After promoting a summer camp and charging $800 for 2 months he seems to have disappeared with his certificate. I wish I would have found all of this information sooner. How is it possible to keep doing this? Does TKD WTF have any kind of reprimand to uphold the integrity of their martial art?

Bill Sch 6/17/17

I’m sorry that he ripped you off also. I tried to let people know. This Laurin girl claimed to have fire him. She claimed she barely knew him. He ripped of me and many people. I wouldn’t trust that criminal for one second. What she claims might be true or it might be made up, like it sounds….But what is true is that he has a background of doing this and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it again, and that she is a lair.

Jennifer Piper 6/17/17

Wow, Laurin seems to tell a lot of tall tales. She never fired Master Chong, in fact she told all of us last week 6/11/17 via a posted note to the studio door that the school would be closing due to Master Chong having congestive heart failure. Up until that point, Master Chong was the sole instructor teaching every class. Her comment here claims she fired him over a month ago, LIE! Here is every piece of information I have collected and have turned over to the police https://survivinglifescurveballs.com/timeline-of-the-lions-martial-arts-scam/

Laurin Carmichael 6/17/17

I am not a liar and you do not know me

Jennifer Piper 6/17/17

You are more than welcome to call the Fairfield County Sheriff and explain things to them.

Jennifer Piper 6/15/17

Hi Jay, Thank you for putting this together and sharing this video. I fear this is happening in Ohio all over again with his students at Lion’s Martial Arts with a different woman, Laurin Carmichael. What was the final verdict in court in AZ? After promoting a summer camp and charging $800 for 2 months he seems to have disappeared with his certificate. I wish I would have found all of this information sooner. How is it possible to keep doing this? Does TKD WTF have any kind of reprimand to uphold the integrity of their martial art?

Jennifer Piper 1 week ago (from 6/17/17)

Hi Jay,

My sons currently go to Lion’s Martial Arts in Ohio and I would be interested in speaking with you via PM on facebook https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.spiker.7 or whatever social media you use.

Laurin Carmichael 1 month ago (from 6/17/17) Laurin has deleted this, but I have the screenshot

Lion’s Martial Arts is not owned by Master Chong. This is a lie. He was hired as a part time instructor and has since been fired. Do not ruin another families business when you don’t know the facts.


Chuck Chirdon replied to my email

Hi Jennifer,

 Sorry not to get back  to you sooner, but I’m an engineer for a plastics company and have one of those jobs that keep me at work for very long hours during the week. I’m just now catching up on Email and such.

 I do know now that Master Chong is no longer holding classes. Master Chong spoke to me about 6 weeks ago to let me know that he had a very bad heart condition and would have to do something about it sooner than later. From what he described to me, a condition had developed and worsened that was associated with a heart valve issue he has lived with most of his life. I understood that he learned of this condition through a service offered at one of local churches he was visiting and that through some testing that he should not ignore this problem. I somewhat understood this because my father has a similar condition.

 I do not know anything about his business side of the studio. I have known him personally for a number of years and reconnected with him when I heard that he might be moving back to Ohio. Over the past year many of the martial artist in Ohio that have known him were helping him to get things started in the new studio. I offered my time to help do some building in the studio because I have a building background and I’m sure that it was a challenge to get the studio up and running. I didn’t have much of a chance to visit the studio, other than to help with testing, due to my job. Like most other martial artist I associate with, we all have full time jobs and do what we can to work out and instruct on the side. I think that is why a number of us enjoyed helping Master Chong with his start up studio. Most of us wish we could do it full time.

 I don’t believe that I was swindled by him. I offered my time free of charge with the knowledge that he and Laurin had to make it work to be successful. I have always been impressed with Master Chong’s skills and especially when it came to teaching young children. He always seemed to have a very healthy way of making them successful and feel like they were progressing. I was especially impressed with Master Chong’s practice of having his students thank their parents after the class and tell them they loved them for letting them attend. I only saw this while there a couple of times, but I have not seen another instructor do this and felt it was a wonderful practice. I have instructed children for many years and wish that I had done the same practice.

 I’m sadden to hear that you invested money and could not have the summer camp services provided. I’m sure that must have been a burden and I hope you were able to find other services. I’m a dad and know what it is like to raise kids. I can only offer my opinion of Master Chong personally. I have never chosen to partner with anyone in the martial arts in the business sense. I prefer to enter into business with only one person, my wife. We have kept it this way both in our work and martial arts endevours for over 35 years. I would tell you that I do respect Master Chong as a person and that it is my opinion that he would not cheat or swindle anyone in a planned purposeful way. I don’t know what really took place in Arizona so I cannot even comment on that. I can only assume that he made a choice to do something right away about his health and perhaps he felt that there was no time to provide other consideration to his studio. I simple do not know how or why he made recent decision. It’s also none of my business. I make it a practice to respect others privacy on personal matters and only listen to what they might offer.

 I’m afraid that I cannot offer any meaningful suggestions for ways for you to recover your money. I have not talked to him for some time now and would simply assume that he has returned to Korea to seek help with the health problem. If he is the man that I think he is, I have to believe that he will find a way to make this up to those who feel that they have lost money attending the studio. I suppose that he will need to survive whatever treatment he may be seeking in order to do this. At his age, that might be a challenge in itself.


 Chuck Chirdon

I believe Chuck Chirdon is an honest man with a kind nature who was fooled by Chong and Laurin as were the rest of the Lion’s Martial Arts students.

June 17, 2017

Contacted all the families I could reach, 11 total. There are 6 others I know of that I do not have contact information for. All those contacted were encouraged to:

  • Report the theft to Fairfield County Sheriff’s office 614-322-5250 option 2. Add to my report #2189 filed 6/15/17 with Deputy Bennington.
  • Email Liz Lane from 6 On Your Side lclane@sbgtv.com
  • File a complaint with the Attorney General
  • Report Lion’s Martial Arts to BBB
  • Share this information with everyone

Lion’s Martial Arts was advertised on craigslist for sale about six weeks before summer camp was scheduled to start. The asking price, $40,000. The ad was removed after a parent asked about it.

“Owner has just found out he needs heart surgery so we need to sell ASAP”

The ad was removed after a parent asked about it. The ad


June 18, 2017

Miki Pavlik reaches out to me with additional information.

Good afternoon, I wanted to reach out to you regarding the situation with Lion’s Martial Arts. My husband and I own a Taekwondo school here and Pickerington. About 3 weeks ago while I was teaching class, one of my instructors took a phone call from Lion’s requesting that either my husband or I call them back. When I did, I was told I was speaking to Danielle. She expressed to me that the school would be closing and asked if we would be willing to honor their students contracts and allow the student to transfer in. When I asked some questions about the closing, she was very evasive. I told her that we would be happy to help in some way but would like to see exactly what we were agreeing to beforehand. “Danielle” said she would send me any email with the information I requested. I have not received an email as of today. I’m not sure if this information will help you or if there is anything we can do but when I was made aware of your situation, I wanted to at least reach out. Feel free to call me if you have any other questions. 330-774-4758. I truly hope you can get this worked out and get some, if not all, of your money back. Respectfully, Miki Pavlik

You accepted Miki’s request.


Thank you Mike for contacting me. I will share this with the other parents. My guess is that you spoke with Laurin as there were only Laurin and Master Chong at the school. I sincerely appreciate your help.


It’s really no problem. My husband and I teach martial arts for a living because we love it. The fact that we can make a living doing it is a bonus. We feel terrible that people were scammed out of money by people like that. It gives martial arts school a bad name in general and that is totally not the reputation that we work very hard to maintain at our business. If there is anything that we can do for you and the other families, just let us know. We have helped some other families on the past when their school have closed and please know that our martial arts family will welcome you guys with open arms.



Hi Miki (sorry for spellcheck changing your name to “Mike” previously). The taekwondo community has been incredibly helpful and supportive while we try to resolve this mess. It’s kind people like you that give me hope. Again, thank you. Jennifer

June 19, 2017

I update Deputy Bennington with all the new information since my initial report was filed 6/15/17.

Master Ly Ngo forwards my letter and evidence to Master Park to give to Kukkiwon.


June 20, 2017

Liz Lane from 6 On Your Side asks if she can interview me on camera this week. I said yes.

June 21, 2017

Laurin reaches out to me.


I understand that you are upset that the school closed. I honestly did everything I could to prevent that. No one made any money from the school, it only caused debt. Unfortunitly sometimes businesses fail because of unforseen circumstances. Grand Master Chong was my business partner, friend, and teacher. It is so unexplainably wrong that you are portraying that we were “romantically involved”. I don’t believe that you actually think this. He is more than 40 years older than me.. so why are you lying about something like this? I never did anything to hurt you. If you want to be upset and post the facts go ahead.
Here they are
I do not have a “romantic” relationship with Master Chong
I do NOT live with him or Craig or any other elderly people for that matter
I did not scam anyone
I did not try to hurt anyone
I was always fully intending on making sure (to the best of my ability) whoever is owed a refund, recieves one from Master Chong when he is recovered.
I did not even know Master Chong during the time people say he did things in Arizona.
I had nothing to do with whatever happened there
I did ask him what happened a while back and he told me Ly stole almost $100,000 dollars from him and he could not financially recover
I put my own personal life savings into the school (because I had faith in Master Chong as an instructor)
I believe he is a good man that has had difficult situations
Just simply PLEASE stop the lies about me. I have a short temper and clearly you do too. I understand you are mad. But don’t resort to this. This could potentially effect my life if anyone sees these things and actually believes them. I do not deserve this.

I reply.

Hi Laurin,

Thank you for reaching out to me. 
I am not upset about the school closing, rather I would just like the $1600 back I paid for a service that you are no longer providing. You are the owner and manager of the business and I would like you to repay what you owe me. You have the opportunity to make things right with me and the other families you took money from. Asking me to wait until Master Chong has recovered is not an acceptable answer and if that is how you choose to move forward I will continue pursuing you legally.
I do not have a short temper nor do I wish ill upon you or Master Chong. There is no anger in my heart.
The problem is simple. You owe me $1600. You also owe other families money.
I would love for you to prove me wrong and pay us all back immediately.
You were always kind to our family, right up until you shut the school down with no advance notice, deleted the website, disconnected your phone number, and stopped answering my inquiries about a refund. That was not kind, ethical, or legal.
Below are my responses to your claims of lies:
I do not have a “romantic” relationship with Master Chong
      This does not matter much to the legal case anyways. I’ll remove this. It was never stated as fact, only as a suspicion and therefore is not a lie at all, but that is just semantics.
I do NOT live with him or Craig or any other elderly people for that matter
      I can update this to say your Yelp reviews show you in Painesville, Ohio where Craig Clinton also happens to reside.
I did not scam anyone
      You and I are going to need to agree to disagree on this one unless you immediately refund my $1600.
I did not try to hurt anyone
      Try or not you did.
I was always fully intending on making sure (to the best of my ability) whoever is owed a refund, recieves one from Master Chong when he is recovered.
      That is not an acceptable answer. 
I did not even know Master Chong during the time people say he did things in Arizona.
      Aren’t you from Glendale, Arizona?  This article dated 11/2015 would prove that you did know him during that time http://www.nogalesinternational.com/sports/students-earn-black-belts/article_328e0af6-8fa4-11e5-b74d-e738af4453a3.html
I had nothing to do with whatever happened there
      I never said you did. The LC World Taekwondo shows a pattern of this behavior which is important to the case.      
I did ask him what happened a while back and he told me Ly stole almost $100,000 dollars from him and he could not financially recover
      Why was Master Chong voted out AZTA, but Master Ly continues to operate a school in AZ?
I put my own personal life savings into the school (because I had faith in Master Chong as an instructor)
      HAD faith? Does that mean you no longer do? It is unfortunate that the business has failed. I can certainly understand that is difficult for you. Though I understand I do not forgive your debt to me of $1600.
I believe he is a good man that has had difficult situations
      He was always wonderful with our boys and I continue to say that about both of you. That was never the issue.
Your anger has shown through on your comments, attempted personal attacks against me, and emotional manipulation of the others involved. That is not a path I will follow you down. There is only one issue here and it is the money owed to the families who paid for a service that you failed to provide. Refund the money now and I will stop pursuing you. I am a reasonable human being and hope to discover you are as well.
6 On Your Side asked me to go on camera this week. It would be nice to tell them this issue has been resolved and all money has been refunded. Your choice.

June 22, 2017

Laurin replied to my email.

Hello Jennifer,

Don’t you know that I would, of course, give a refund to anyone deserving if I could? Do you think I just have thousands of dollars that I am holding on to? No. As I said, I put my life’s savings into the studio. So I don’t have any personal money left. The business money was simply gone. The rent of our building was around $4000 per month. We did not collect $6,400 for summer camp. I can send you the bank statements if you would like. Master Chong is the only one with money. He also is the one that financially backed the studio. Without him it would not have been opened. He also is the reason it closed, the business depended on him. His medical condition caused it’s closing. He will pay you back when he recovers because he is the only one that can.
When I took my black belt test with him, he had already closed his school in Phoenix. 
It very much felt like much more of a personally attack on me for you to say I was romantically involved. More so than anything I have said. But reguardless, I should not have let it get to me so much. It is just frustrating because I feel like I am being attacked when I know I did nothing wrong.

I did not reply and I don’t plan on communicating with her any further.


June 27, 2017

The Attorney General reaches their final decision. 

Re: Lions Martial Arts
Complaint #: 892558

Dear Ms. Piper:

We must regretfully inform you we cannot be of any assistance in your dispute against the above-named supplier. We have made several attempts to contact them, but our letters have been returned and the telephone number has been disconnected. It appears the supplier may have gone out of business. If so, there is no one to hold responsible for your claim.

If you have information that suggests the supplier is continuing to operate under this or any other name in Ohio, please contact us with that information. However, without sufficient information to locate representatives who may be held responsible, we will not be able to pursue this complaint. A copy of your complaint will remain in our complaint retention system. To our knowledge the supplier has not yet filed for bankruptcy, so your claim has not been discharged by any court and may still be viable, should you decide to contact a private attorney and pursue this matter further. Please be advised, however, if you are successful in obtaining a judgment, you may find it difficult to collect.

We appreciate your patience and regret we can be of no further assistance at this time.


Attorney General of Ohio

Johnathan Ward
Consumer Protection Specialist
Consumer Protection Section
(614) 466-7820
(800) 282-0515 Toll Free
(866) 502-7758 (Fax)

Additional Theories

Laurin’s Yelp reviews show her location as Painesville. This is also where Craig Clinton lives.

Laurin left AZ and traveled to Ohio with Master Chong.

There is suspicion that Laurin has been stripped of her rank.

Laurin Carmichael social media



facebook (2 accounts)


2nd facebook page used to post LMA related items after taking down the LMA page



Linked In

News Articles

International TKD black belt test





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4 thoughts on “Timeline of the Lion’s Martial Arts Scam

  • Is it appropriate to say I “enjoyed” your blog on the liars Chong and Carmichael?
    I am the Ted H quoted in the blog and you definitely got to the root of the issues. Chong left AZ in disgrace owing lots of people money (and more importantly, seriously disappointing numerous families) and apparently has done the same in Ohio.
    While I do not wish poor health on anybody, I certainly hope that he has gone back to Korea and fades away without stealing from even more. As to Ms Carmichael, I hope she has learned from this experience that lying and stealing is not the way to make a living.

    • Hi Ted,

      It is so nice to connect with you 🙂 It is disappointing to not only have been cheated out of money but also to have the perpetrators try to twist the situation into something else entirely. The truth is Master Chong was great with my boys and we were all deeply saddened when we learned he would no longer be teaching. Had our money been refunded (16 families and counting), none of this would have ever come to light. It is my hope too that these two individuals stop hurting others.

      Should you ever want to discuss anything, please reach out. Again, thank you for connecting with me.

  • This is crazy!! I’m so sorry that you had to go through that. I’ve never heard of this before now 🙁 I don’t understand some people or why they do the thing they do..this is so sad!

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